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ASMHC11 assembler (DOS)
MiniIDE: an integrated development environment for 68HC11 and 68HC12 (Windows)

BASIC Compilers:
SBASIC compiler (DOS)
    You’ll find a growing collection of
SBASIC programs for MicroStamp11 in our Support Library.
BASIC11 compiler and IDE (Windows)
    You’ll find a growing collection of
BASIC11 programs for MicroStamp11 in our Support Library.

C Compilers:
GNU Embedded Libraries for 68HC11 and 68HC12

Other Languages:
TinyForth compiler (DOS) by Karl Lunt
Holon Forth for the 68HC11

XPad--  A Visual Design Tool (Windows)
a revolutionary StateDiagram-based language compiler with real-time kernel
         - XPad is a free/low-cost software-development environment, which gives a complete visual design, programming, testing, documentation and building suite for MicroStamp11
         - no keyboard required--just Point and Click visual programming!
         - based on a compact real-time executive kernel
includes complete ready-to-use libraries for use with MicroStamp11:
             SCI, SPI, I2C, 1-wire, LCDs, servos, etc.

Tools and Utilities:

MicroLoad: free Windows-based loader for MicroStamp11
PCBug11 Debugger and Monitor from Freescale (DOS)
DOSBox enables you to run PCBug11 on any PC
is a nice free terminal program for Windows
StampPlotLite is a visual graphing utility for Windows
Linux-based Tools and Utilities

Tutorials and Examples:

Installing the GNU C Compiler package (DOS)

Using the Free GNU C Compiler for HC11 and HC12

MicroStamp11 GNU-C Runtime