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* tiny 1" x 1.4" stamp-sized board (25mm x 36mm)
* thin board material (0.031inch/0.8mm)
* light weight:  only 0.2 oz./5.7g
* surface-mount chips for low-profile, high-density design
* features 68HC11D0 microcontroller
* available with 8K or 32K EEPROM
* EEPROM has hardware Write Protect (software write protect also possible)
* 192 bytes on-chip RAM (+32K external SRAM on 64K version)
* all eight PORT A lines available (pulse accumulator, input captures, output compares)
* all six PORT D lines available (any mix of: general purpose I/O, SPI, or SCI)
* 5V low-dropout regulator
* on-board low-voltage inhibit reset circuit
* all available port lines/interrupts/Reset brought out to versatile 20-pin header
* modular design, with many connector options offers lots of configuration possibilities
* convenient switches for RUN/LOAD and WRITE PROTECT (EEPROM)
* programmable in Assembler, BASIC, C
* easy s-record loading via Docking Module, RS232 level-shifter, or USB port, using free utility MicroLoad for Windows
* compatible with free BASIC11 Compiler/Simulator/Debugger/Terminal IDE for Windows
* get a Starter Package first-- then buy as many additional modules as you need for all your applications