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The MicroStamp11 family is no longer being manufactured.

This website is provided strictly for archival purposes, and will not be revised nor updated.

Please visit to see our current product offerings.


Last Updated ( Thursday, 24 September 2020 12:06 )


* tiny 1" x 1.4" stamp-sized board (25mm x 36mm)
* thin board material (0.031inch/0.8mm)
* light weight:  only 0.2 oz./5.7g
* surface-mount chips for low-profile, high-density design
* features 68HC11D0 microcontroller
* available with 8K or 32K EEPROM
* EEPROM has hardware Write Protect (software write protect also possible)
* 192 bytes on-chip RAM (+32K external SRAM on 64K version)
* all eight PORT A lines available (pulse accumulator, input captures, output compares)
* all six PORT D lines available (any mix of: general purpose I/O, SPI, or SCI)
* 5V low-dropout regulator
* on-board low-voltage inhibit reset circuit
* all available port lines/interrupts/Reset brought out to versatile 20-pin header
* modular design, with many connector options offers lots of configuration possibilities
* convenient switches for RUN/LOAD and WRITE PROTECT (EEPROM)
* programmable in Assembler, BASIC, C
* easy s-record loading via Docking Module, RS232 level-shifter, or USB port, using free utility MicroLoad for Windows
* compatible with free BASIC11 Compiler/Simulator/Debugger/Terminal IDE for Windows
* get a Starter Package first-- then buy as many additional modules as you need for all your applications